About Us

At ADV Motorcycle Parts, Our Roots Are Firmly Grounded in Adventure Riding.

Owner, Rene Cormier, founded Renedian Motorcycle Tours in 2009 after riding the globe for 4 years. His award winning travel book has cemented him in the riding community and has allowed him to use his expertise to start ventures in the motorcycle market. More recently he began renting motorcycles (CanadianMotorcycleRentals.com) to adventure seekers in Canada and Africa, while still operating tours globally.

Co-Owner, Piet Human, has off-road riding and adventure seeking in his DNA. Riding single cylinders in his single digits in South Africa, he developed a love for all things motorcycles. After pursuits in the business world and fields of education, he joined forces with Rene to take Renedian Tours to the next level. Piet is currently the head guide on tours all around the globe, along with overseeing their various joint ventures.

Manager, Luke Krajcarski, has been using motorcycle touring as solitary-adventure-therapy over the years. Formally educated in photography and multi-media, his appreciation for the ways things look, as well as the way they work blended when he joined the ADV Motorcycle Parts team. His goal is to introduce unique, well priced, quality ADV parts and luggage from South Africa into North American. In an already heavily saturated market this won't be easy, but like Rene and Piet, he believes once folks try our gear, they'll be convinced of its quality.

The experience they gained with the gear they sell has brought them to one conclusion:    This stuff is tough!
That is of paramount importance, because the tour bikes they use and the bikes they rent needed to be tough, with tough gear and luggage for the harsh environments they would encounter.
This led to a special partnership with Turkana™ Gear in South Africa.
Their bikes would be equipped with many luggage articles from the Turkana™ line up, and would be tested in real off-road conditions, for thousands of hours in some of the harshest environments on the planet.
Seeing how well the gear performed, they decided to start ADVMotorcycleParts.com to introduce Turkana into North America.

Along with Turkana™ Gear, ADV Motorcycle Parts carries South African made Oryx Moto™ protective and ergonomic ADV parts.
Entering a new market isn’t easy, but with pedigree like this and competitive introductory pricing, they are looking to get noticed with these brands.
At ADV Motorcycle Parts, we continue to work closely with our manufacturing partners to improve the parts we sell, ensuring that when you’re on your adventure, you can have the security of knowing we’ve put the gear you’re using through the ranks.