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Turkana GeckoGrip™ M.O.L.L.E. Tank Harnesses

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GeckoGrip™ Tank Bag Harness


The modular universal tank bag harness for Adventure Enduro Motorcycle Riders.

Configure, adapt and strap a wide selection of waterproof storage pouches, Bullfrog™ tank bags, or TrekBags™ roll-top bags to these harness bases, with GeckoGrip™ you can tailor your gear fitment to suit your ride, rather than adapting your ride to fit your gear.

From weekend warriors to grocery haulers and hard core long distance motorbike touring fanatics, quick fit and release in seconds with our quick fit-release attachment system you can quickly transition between different motorcycles or when remove when refuelling.

GeckoGrip™ hugs your tank like a Gecko hanging onto a glass ceiling, working its magic on most enduro, adventure and touring motorcycle fuel tanks.

Available in 2 sizes

Small for enduro, dual sport motorcycles and big adventure tourers or Large for dual sport and the majority of mid and large size adventure motorbikes.


This multitasker adaptable harness transforms with your motorcycle packing travel needs as you navigate demanding single track terrain or ripping dirt roads in far away countries. GeckoGrip™'s MOLLE and PALS webbing system is your blank canvas, ready to be outfitted with waterproof pouches, the Bullfrog™ waterproof tank bags, and TrekBag™ waterproof roll bags in any size or combo your heart desires. The modular design allows the rider to configure their packing and riding preferences the way they want.

Adventure minimalist packing for a weekend through rugged mountain passes? Check. Need to carry bare bones essential tools or first aid kit for an enduro race. Check. Enough bulk storage for a world tour packing the kitchen sink and souvenirs? Done.

Lightning-Fast transitions

GeckoGrip™ is a quick-change artist. Snap on or off your motorcycle in seconds, thanks to its lightning-fast attachment system. Easily adapt from motorcycle-to-motorcycle for those riders who owns more than one motorbike. Removing for refuelling is a quick buckle clip away.

A bag harness built to conquer the wild

The GeckoGrip™ is tougher than a two-dollar steak. RhinoCote™ polyester ripstop high tenacity fabric is bloody tough, super strong, abrasion and tear resistant with a high level UV coating, the kind of material that laughs in the face of scratches, scuffs, and unrelenting UV. Tenaciously strong webbing and buckles hold your gear like a bulldog with a bone, so you can focus on carving backcountry tracks, scaling hills and navigating tight technical enduro bike paths without worrying about your stuff taking flight or restricting your movement.

Adventure-Proof Resilience

Because life on the road can throw some curveballs, we designed the GeckoGrip to be field-repairable. That means if a buckle breaks or a strap frays, you can fix it up with standard parts and basic tools found most places in the world. No need to cut your journey short.

The GeckoGrip™ harness sticks like a tick on a hound dog. The harness attaches to the motorbike steering head stock with quick release buckles and with two additional options for attaching the straps to the frame with quick fit-release options. Making for a very secure immovable base to attach storage pouches and tank bags.

Fits like a glove

We've sculpted the GeckoGrip™ to hug enduro, adventure and most touring and sports motorcycle tanks. It stays put, minimising intrusion and maximising your riding flow. Plus, it's a chameleon of compatibility, working its magic on metallic and non-metallic tanks, shrouds, and cowls.

Organised gear mounting

Configure and keep your essentials organised and accessible with GeckoGrip's™ modular system. Pouches for tools, snacks, and first-aid kits, while larger waterproof tank bags or storage TrekBags™ provide ample storage for longer expeditions. For added front-of-bike storage the BullFrog™ side tank fender pouches are designed to attach to the GeckoGrip™ harness.

The GeckoGrip™ design and shape can even double as a tail pack, the harness straps can be used to attach the harness and bag to most motorcycle tails.

Peace of Mind, Mile After Mile

We got you covered, GeckoGrip comes with a lifetime warranty so you can ride with confidence, knowing your gear is backed by the best.

The GeckoGrip™ is your passport to endless possibilities, write your own adventure story.

We strongly advises applying our vinyl protective film to protect surfaces from scuffs and stains When the tank bag comes into direct contact with motorbike body panels and plastics.

In the kit:

  • 1 x Small or Large harness
  • 1 x steering headstock strap
  • 2 x Loopy-Loop (Pig Ear) straps
  • 2 x Buckle release straps
  • 4 x Heavy duty 50kg cable ties.
  • 1 x Protective film


  • Width: L - 39cm | S - 23cm
  • Length: L - 38cm | S - 30cm

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