Motorcycle Therapy - Jeremy Kroeker (Paperback) Signed

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The Signed paperback edition of Jeremy Kroekers classic: Motorcycle Therapy
“Motorcycle Therapy is cheaper than analysis and much more fun”
In October 2003, Jeremy Kroeker had a broken heart and itchy feet. He set forth from Canmore, Alberta, on a used motorcycle, headed for South America…or Central America, however far his money would take him. Motorcycle Therapy: A Canadian Adventure in Central America describes both his travels and his journey to personal discovery.
Kroeker has a gift for ruthless self-mockery, and his descriptions of his own (frequent) ineptitude make this a light-hearted read. The book also conveys plenty of those moments of sheer brilliance that occur only when you’re far from home and open to wonder.
Even readers with no interest in motorcycles will enjoy Kroeker’s story as he and his friend Trevor Martens experience the joys — and troubles — of life on the roads of Mexico and Central America. These two very different men manage to hold their friendship together (barely) as they travel further south, and Kroeker’s musings on the nature of friendship and his own personal character flaws are a major element in the book.
Born in the heart of Mennonite Manitoba and raised in Saskatchewan, Kroeker headed for the hills at an early age and has followed a wildly erratic career path: international truck driver, wildlife technician, initial attack wildfire rappel crew member, climbing bum, and now motorbike-riding travel writer.

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