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Turkana 1.4 Litre ADV EDC/Electronics Organizer Bag - Magpie™

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Magpie EDC: Your Adventure's Toughest Packing Cube

Organize. Conquer. Explore.

The Magpie EDC is your ultimate travel companion, built for adventure enthusiasts who demand versatility, durability, and organization.


  • Modular Packing: Removable, adjustable sleeves let you customize for any trip, from quick getaways to epic overlanding journeys.
  • Ultimate Protection: Padded sides and tough Sharkfur D600™ fabric shield your gear from bumps, scrapes, and the harshest elements.
  • Carry it All: Tools, electronics, toiletries, first-aid – the Magpie EDC adapts to your needs, even doubling as a medical kit.
  • Stay Efficient: Know where everything is. Pack and unpack faster, saving time for the good stuff – exploring.
  • Built to Last: Crafted by experienced overlanders, the Magpie EDC is ready for any adventure you throw at it.

More than just a packing cube, the Magpie EDC is your adventure's ultimate sidekick.


  • Simplify your packing: One bag for all your essentials.
  • Conquer any terrain: Protect your gear from the roughest roads and remotest destinations.
  • Stay organized: Find what you need instantly, even on the fly.
  • Travel lighter, explore further: Ditch the bulky baggage, embrace adventure.

The Magpie EDC is for:

  • Motorcycle and 4x4 adventurers
  • Hikers and backpackers
  • Everyday explorers
  • Modular Packing
  • Ultimate Protection
  • Adaptable & Efficient
  • Built to Last

Size: 19cmL x 11cmL x 7cm Volume: 1,4L

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