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Turkana 1L Tough ADV All-Purpose Organizer Bags - ChipCheeks™

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ChipCheeks™: Because even dirty adventurers deserve a little order.

Gear up for epic rides with these ultra-tough, ultra-organised packing cubes built to conquer chaos.


  • Built for the long haul: Constructed from abrasion, tear and water-resistant Sharkfur D600™ fabric, these cubes shrug off dust, dirt, and whatever else the trail throws your way. Strong enough to carry tools.
  • Organisation redefined: Colour-coded cubes let you segregate dirty socks from pristine tees. No more frantic digging for that elusive headlamp!
  • Space-saving saviours: Say goodbye to Tetris-master packing. The universal size maximizes luggage capacity, letting you fit more adventure essentials without sacrificing precious space on your bike.
  • Grab and go: Tough webbing handles make hauling your ChipCheeks™ a breeze, whether you're heading to the campsite or the gym.
  • More than just clothes keepers: These versatile cubes handle tools, toiletries, even groceries with ease. Say hello to a life less rummaged, no matter your pursuit.
  • Wrinkle warriors: Rolling clothes and securing them in these cubes keeps them crease-free, so you arrive looking fresh even after the worst living-out-of-a-bag on faraway backroads.
  • Adventureproof cleaning: The water-resistant fabric shields your clean clothes from the muddy mayhem inside other compartments. Keep your laundry drama contained.


  • Pack smart, ride wild: Spend less time wrestling with your luggage and more time chasing epic horizons.
  • Unleash your inner organizer: Colour-coded chaos taming lets you find what you need in a flash, even with bleary-eyed pre-dawn starts.
  • Built to last: These are adventure companions, not disposable duffel dwellers. Sharkfur D600™ takes on the toughest journeys, so your cubes can too.
  • Versatility unbound: From moto gear to gym kit, ChipCheeks™ adapts to your passions. One cube, endless possibilities.
  • Large: 3L- 23cmL x 19cmW x 7cmH 
  • Small: 1L- 18cmL x 11cmW x 6cmH
    Icons: Sharkfur fabric, water resistant, easy packing, strong,
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