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Turkana 5L M.O.L.L.E. RollTop Tank Bag - Bullfrog™

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Bullfrog™ RollTop Tank Bag (5L)


GeckGrip™ Tank Harness

The 5L BullFrog™ motorcycle tank bag hugs your adventure enduro like a shadow, easily manoeuvre rough single tracks while keeping necessities near and out of the way in any terrain. Replace dust-attracting zippers with our safe roll-top closure. Refuel in seconds fitted to the GeckoGrip™ quick-release harness.

Inside, hook-and-loop walls can be customised and a moveable divider keeps everything organised. Built-in electronic electric cable port will keep all the gadgets charged up.
With a lifetime warranty, the BullFrog™ is built for tough adventures, so go forth and discover new areas.
Includes a waterproof roll-top liner (5 litres). With the line and waterproof roll-top, this tankbag is entirely waterproof, mudproof, and dustproof.

The Bullfrog 5L tankbag uses MOLLE and PALS to form a secure strong bond to the small or large GeckoGrip™ tankbag harnesses. The universal bases fits the majority of enduro, adventure, touring and sports motorcycles.


This is the 5L Bullfrog™ tank bag that hugs your enduro adventure motorcycle like a trusty sidekick. The TurkanaGear BullFrog™ is sculpted for off-road enduro freedom, keeping your essentials close and out of the way when you're tackling technical trails or cruising backcountry byways. Made from our near indestructible UV and waterproof RhinoCote™ Ripstop Polyester fabric, combined with non-slip tenaciously strong webbing and buckles.

Fitted to the GeckoGrip™ tankbag harness' universal design, the 5L Bullffrog™ will fit virtually any make or model of adventure motorcycle, dirt off-road motorbike, enduro, dual sport, street touring motorcycle.

Control the tracks, not your equipment.


Ergonomics: With the Bullfrog unique's shape and small footprint on the tank there is plenty of moving space to stand comfortably without restricting movement when riding challenging adventure enduro type technical terrain. 

When sitting on the motorcycle, the roll-top opening makes it extremely easy to access the bag. The red coloured liner makes it easy to see inside the tankbag.

Ditch bulky baggage drag and embrace streamlined enduro bliss.

No Zippers: We love dirt, mud, sand but not so much dust. Zips generally do not last well over time being exposed to dirt. The roll-top closure enables easy quick access to the tank bag without the worry of zips failing in remote areas.

Modular magic: You bet. This nifty big mouth fitted to the GeckoGrip™ snaps on and off (faster than you can say "dust cloud") with a quick-release system, so you can gain access to the fuel cap or remove the bag when parking your bike at your favourite coffee shop. Got sensitive gear? Stash it in the removable, waterproof liner and laugh in the face of mud baths. With the MOLLE attachment the Bullfrog™ can be fitted to our Small or Large GeckoGrip™ tankbag harnesses.

Electronics freaking out?: Not on our watch. The built-in cable pass-through lets you charge your devices on the go, so that you can keep focusing capturing epic enduro moments without battery anxiety. Inside, it's an organisational oasis. Hook-and-loop walls let you customise your layout like a pro, and the movable divider and padded bottom to minimise vibrations keeps everything where it belongs, even when you're bouncing over spine compacting Mojave whoop-de-doos.

Fuel stops: No biggie. Just undo the headstock buckle and flip up the front – no need to dismantle your entire bag. Plus, the concave design makes sure your tank's vent hose breathe easy.

Geckogrip™ Harness: Can be used on either Small or Large GeckoGrip™ tank harnesses. The Gecko grip harness attaches with webbing straps around the handle bar steering stock and on both sides of the motorcycle. We offer two different attachment type sets of webbing straps with the GeckoGrip™ harness.

Lifetime warranty: Heck yeah. We built this tank bag to outlast your wildest adventures, so go ahead, chase that horizon. The TurkanaGear tank bag is your tried-and-true partner, ready to conquer every mile without weighing you down.

IMPORTANT: We strongly advises applying our vinyl protective film to protect surfaces from scuffs and stains when the tank bag comes into direct contact with motorbike body panels and plastics.


  • 1 x 5L Bullfrog™ tank bag
  • 1 x Waterproof removable liner
  • 1 x Compartment divider

Product Features

  • Restriction free ergonomic design
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Release and fitment buckles
  • Roll-Top Opening
  • MOLLE attachment for fitment to the Small or Large GeckoGrip harnesses.
  • Concealed zips pockets
  • Electronics cable pass-through hole
  • Full interior lining and hook-and-loop strips to accept camera dividers
  • Movable divider with elastic loops and organiser slots
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Width: 24cm
  • Length: 24cm
  • Height: 18cm
  • Weight: 507gram
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