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Turkana GeckoGrip™ M.O.L.L.E. Tail Bag Harness

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GeckoGrip™ Tail Bag Harness


This is the Turkana GeckoGrip™, a modular universal fit motorcycle tail bag harness that adapts, configures and easily straps onto the rear passenger seat, tail plate, or touring panniers with quick-release ladder-lock buckles.

It’s the ultimate additional quick storage solution for your motorbike travels—whether it’s a bite-sized day ride or an epic expedition.

This GeckoGrip™ it is a perfect match for adventure bikes, super bikes, sport-tourers, highway cruisers, scooters and scramblers alike.


Turkana GeckoGrip™, the modular motorcycle tail bag harness adapts, configures and fits your adventure like a second skin.

Easily straps onto the rear seat, tail plate, or touring panniers with 4 quick release ladder lock buckles. With the MOLLE/Pals webbing fit any of the Turkana TrekBag™’s from 3L,5L,10L,15L OR 20L or Oxpacker water bottle holders. With the additional anchor points strap down any additional bags, pouches and gear or small roll bags with ease. Building the perfect storage system for any journey, bite-sized or epic.

It is modular magic, configure your own storage system, the GeckoGrip™ universal base straps on in seconds, even with gloves, and lets you switch between bikes like a globetrotting nomad.

Tailored to last

Manufactured from our legendary RhinoCote™ high tenacity ripstop polyester UV coated and waterproof fabric. The fabric, webbing and buckles will withstand years of exposure to the sun, rain, abuse, mud and wear associated with enduro and adventure trips. Padded to offer additional protection for vibrations to sensitive items strapped to the base and a durable high density non-slip, non scratch foam cell layer.

Field-repairable for global explorers, it's your side kick adventure buddy for endless expeditions and day-trip possibilities. 
It laughs in the face of scrapes and spills, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Ditch the gear gremlins and embrace the GeckoGrip™ it-is-your-life-and-travel revolution. It's the storage chameleon, quick pack day rider freedom fighter, and your key to unlocking endless adventure.


  • Universal Fit Harness
  • Carry handle
  • Quick Release and Fit
  • Fit Variety Trek Bags or Pouches
  • MOLLE/Pals webbing
  • RhinoCote™ Ripstop Fabric



  • Width: 22cm
  • Length: 31cm
  • Weight: 250gram
  • Thickness: 1cm
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