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Turkana GeckoGrip™ M.O.L.L.E. Hard Plate Harness

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GeckoGrip™ Hard Plate Harness


This quick-release/fit soft luggage semi-rigid pannier harness attaches to your existing HippoHips™ hard plates. Customise and configure your dual sport motorcycle soft luggage setup for any off road or touring adventure with the modular GeckoGrip™ Hard Plate Harness.

Using the proven MOLLE/PALS webbing as a strong bond lets you mix and match different sizes (3L to 20L Trekbags™, Bushbaby™ utility pouch and even Oxpacker™ water bottle holders) to perfectly suit your adv motorbike expeditions. From weekend getaways to epic offroad, long distance or back country motorbike trips. Whether you crave space for tools or souvenirs, the GeckoGrip™ adapts to your ever-changing adventure.

Durable, lightweight, and field-repairable, this harness is built to last. Customise, expand, and conquer with the GeckoGrip™, the ultimate adventure companion.


This is the GeckoGrip™ Hard Plate Harness, your dual sport luggage multi-tool for heart stopping expeditions and gnarly motorcycle trips.

This quick-release harness snaps onto the rugged HippoHips™ hard plates using tri-glide buckles, and transforms into a blank canvas for packing creativity.

Modular magic: Using the MOLLE/PALS webbing, you can attach near limitless options of TrekBags™ storage pouches or all shapes and sizes of gear you drag around on your touring motorbike. From weekend warriors to continent crushers, the GeckoGrip™ hard plate harness system caters to every adventurer's appetite.

We added enough D-rings and attachment point you can tie-down a beer barrel or grandma's inherited steamer trunk.

Commuting to work the quick release base can be configured to carry your sandwiches and side hustle products and still allow you to lane spilt (lane share) through city traffic like a demon. Or use the 20L TrekBag™ as commuter bag and remove the harness to take into the office.

Need space for tools or tubes? Clip on that 3L or 5L TrekBag™. Quick weekend away to friends on a farm? The 15L Trekbag™ is your new best friend. And hey, if you're feeling adventurous, add a roll-top pouch for your trusty camp chair, tent and mug for those one night camp festivals. The quick fit/release base allows you to carry you gear into a hotel or tent.

Fabric: Made with RhinoCote™ polyester ripstop high tenacity fabric. This is bloody tough, super strong, abrasion, wear and tear resistant with a high level UV coating, the kind of material that laughs in the face of scratches, scuffs, and unrelenting UV.

The HippoHips™ Hard Plate Luggage Harness is the perfect solution for adventure motorcycle riders who want a versatile and durable luggage system. For Adventure Enduro Motorcycle Touring Riders


  • Quick-release harness for quick easy on/off
  • Attaches to HippoHips™ hard mount plates - combined weight 1290grams
  • MOLLE webbing for attaching variety of TrekBags™ and pouches
  • Lightweight, durable and field-repairable
  • Configure and use different bag sizes on each side of the motorcycle
  • Made from RhinoCote™ Ripstop High Tenacity fabric.
  • Customise your luggage setup for any trip
  • Strap Anything: Additional tie down points allow strapping anything to the harness
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Width: 35cm
  • Height: 22.5cm
  • Depth: 2cm
  • Weight: 390gr

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