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Turkana Soft Luggage Strap Mounting Set

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If you purchased HippoHips™ Hybrid with Plate Mounts, and would like to have the option of a plate-less mount, we offer the over-the-seat strap set, which connects to your Hybrid bags with ease and allows for mounting on bikes without the plates.

(Pannier racks of any kind are still required to mount with strap set.)

Unique Cross-over seat and compression support.

Our load-carrying cross-over straps disperse weight evenly and compress the bags to allow access into tight places when riding those dual sport off-road trails.

The crossover straps ensure the total width of your bike is kept to a minimum and keeps the weight centred. The cross-over straps further assist with ensuring the outside of the bag does not droop and remains at the height level when initially fitted, eliminating the tendency to sway into the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

The HippoHip™ bags are made for enduro-adventure bike style riding and for the popular 1000cc+ Adv bikers, as it fits on most motorcycles and suits many different riding styles and preferences. True versatility.

The wide, over the seat support strap, connect with hook & loop to secure the bags to the motorcycle, yet it allows for a pillion to ride comfortably. Depending on your specific bike, this strap may also be installed underneath the seat. 

NOTE: The straps in this set mount your bags over the seat. You will use the straps that came with your bag originally to mount the sides of the bag to a pannier rack. These are not included in this set. Please contact us from more information on this should questions arise. 

Weight: 600 g (1.3 lbs / 21 oz)

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